Quiet Air Purifier

Quiet air purifier Working principle diagram of air purifier 1: Aluminum alloy prefilter 2: Cold Catalyst filter 3: Special effects except formaldehyde filter 4: Antibacterial filter 5: HEPA Filter Purification management system Set three core technologies in one Ultra-quiet design The chipu dc...

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Quiet air purifier

Working principle diagram of air purifier


1: Aluminum alloy prefilter

1. The preface alloy dust filter can filter out the large particle dust, dandruff, pollen, floatation and other pollutants.
2. Multi-layer corrugated aluminum network with low initial resistance, high volume of dust and long service life
3. Light weight, compact structure, easy to install
4. Use compressed air to purge or clean the liquid for multiple cleaning and reuse
5. The performance of easy cooling can extend the life of the fan motor


SIZE: 470*330*10mm

2: Cold Catalyst filter

Cold catalyst at room temperature (5-40 ℃) of formaldehyde adsorption and decomposition, the decomposition of formaldehyde and other toxic gases in the air into non-polluting carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), make indoor air more green and healthy.
Performance: it is necessary to quickly decompose the harmful gas in the air without illumination, and to kill bacteria and virus germs. Photocatalyst needs 388nm wavelength to effectively decompose harmful gases Advantages:
1. Natural catalysis;
2. Can decompose a variety of harmful gases;
3. Long-term role;

4. No secondary pollution. Working principle:


SIZE: 453*302*20mm

3: Special effects except formaldehyde filter

Special effects go to formaldehyde filter is made with special material, without toxic and harmless, the natural environment is to remove formaldehyde, mainly used in newly decorated house or new furniture more room.The removal rate was above 92%
1. Natural catalysis and 2. Can decompose a variety of harmful gases
3. Long-term function, 4. No secondary pollution. Working principle:
NH2 + HCHO - > ~ N = CH2 + H2O (FC)
NH2: amino, HCHO: formaldehyde, CH2: methylene, H2O: water
SIZE: 453*302*20mm


4: Antibacterial filter

1. We adopt the diameter fiber non-woven fabrics imported from the United States, which have the characteristics of antibacterial, moisture-proof, mildew resistant and not easy to breed bacteria.
2. Have destroy bacterial cell wall, cell membrane rupture, cytoplasm without leakage, terminate the process of microbial metabolism, make the microbial growth and reproduction, the mite and bacteria have efficient removal effect, etc.
SIZE: 453.6*300.8*24mm

5: HEPA Filter

1. Make use of high temperature melt spray fiber drawing.By combining small particles with a multifunctional filter, the HEPA filter can filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacterial mold, dust, allergens and some viruses.The world health organization's publications show that bird flu, human influenza and legionnaires' bacteria are all greater than 20 nanometers.
2. filtering accuracy was 99.9%, the filter aperture is 0.01 um, HEPA filter is a new type of high object completely purification materials, do not need any energy at room temperature, can achieve dust (99.97%), the purpose of sterilization (99.99%).The adsorption rate of dust (smoke, partition, dust, etc.) of 0.1 micron or above can reach 99.97%, and it has the ability to effectively kill the grass fungus, and also has a strong inhibitory effect on the general bacteria.
3. The expanded area is 2.1 m2 and the expansion length is 7.8 m.
SIZE: 453.6*300*24mm

Purification management system
Set three core technologies in one

Ultra-quiet design

Amount of noise:
1. High - 55 db
2. Mid-range - 30 db
3. Low - 17.4 dB




The chipu dc motor

1. Adopt Japanese chipu dc motor, pure copper coil, low noise
2. Normal use time: 35,000 hours
3. Rotation speed 1000
4. The BMC unsaturated polyester glass fiber v-0 class fireproof material is adopted, and the thermal deformation temperature is above 250 degrees
5. Safety protection device (110 °)
6. The difference between dc and ac motor: the dc motor has small temperature, stable performance and long service life, which can be controlled by the circuit board. Ac motor: large noise, poor stability, fixed speed control, uncontrollable, low price.



Seven smart systems
Ⅰ、Odor sensing intelligence system

1. Adjust the air purification system according to the air quality automatic sensing air environment difference. The difference shows: red (bad), yellow (general), green (excellent).
2. Use the Japanese shenron sensor and 10 level transmission to quickly detect harmful gases in the air


Ⅱ、PM2.5 dust particle sensing system
Using the American GE sensor, the purification speed of the purification system was automatically adjusted according to the pollution degree of the dust from the particle size 1 mu m, concentration 0.01-2.0mg/m3 (cubic meter)

Ⅲ、Filter screen replacement prompt system

Change the filter screen according to the time of use indicating the red alert (360-2200 hours prompt to replace screen 1-3).


Ⅳ、Make an appointment with the timer system
Users can choose advance appointment time to start up and purify the indoor air in advance


Ⅴ、Photosensitive sensing system

Zero light automatically goes into sleep mode





Authorized Certification





1. Energy saving: the most exclusive Efficient: handling air volume at 350 cubic meters per hour.
2. processing energy consumption of 50 watts, the energy efficiency ratio of 7, the world's most energy-efficient air purifier.
3. Mute: only 17.4 decibels (with the cheese motor), the most quiet air purifier in the industry.
4. High quality connotation: the coconut shell activated carbon with iodine value of 960, and the filtration precision 99.97% of HEPA.
5. Intelligence: integrating six smart systems in one, excellent technology and perfect presentation.
6. Technical leadership: adopting the industry-leading cold catalyst technology.

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