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Room air purifierr 1. Composite folder carbon filter Increase the filter area Composite folder carbon filter Composite filter, the smaller diameter of the functional particles wrapped in the HEPA filter and support between the layer, so that the air has a greater contact area for the...

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Room air purifierr

1. Composite folder carbon filter


Increase the filter area


Composite folder carbon filter

Composite filter, the smaller diameter of the functional particles wrapped in the HEPA filter and support between the layer, so that the air has a greater contact area for the formaldehyde and other pollutants adsorption effect is more significant. And has a lower filter resistance relative to the conventional activated carbon + HEPA combined filter.
On the other hand, the composite filter can effectively filter as small as 20 nm and PM2.5 and other harmful particulate matter, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds, at the same time, efficient filtration of a variety of allergens and common bacterial viruses. Filter monolithic weight of about 800g, relatively light. The internal sandwich with a special process after the processing of functional particles, small, the surface is covered with tiny pores, compared with the industry commonly used coal carbon material, its safety and efficiency, will not produce dust, and after processing Of the functional particles, the high specific surface area of their own, but also increased the chemical adsorption and catalytic role, increased the amount of adsorption at the same time, but also catalytic oxidation of organic compounds in the air, so that it is converted to


2. Composite folder carbon cloth filter and traditional filter comparison


The traditional filter is mainly composed of activated carbon filter + HEPA filter composed of two-in-one filter, activated carbon can remove the dissolved organic substances, synthetic detergents, microorganisms, viruses and a certain amount of heavy metals, and can decolorize, Deodorant. Through the decomposition of artificial enzymes and chemical adsorbent catalysis, so that odor until the smell is fully adsorbed. Activated carbon is commonly used in a class of air purification materials, usually used in the physical adsorption of activated carbon-based, and adsorption capacity is limited, and easily lead to secondary pollution.
HEPA is a high efficiency air filter. Can effectively remove PM2.5 and other fine particles removal rate of 99.998%. With a long time purification, the filter by the same level of pollution reduction, which is a drawback.
Composite filter structure of the air purifier, it has only one filter combination. And thick, no gap through. It combines the traditional air purifier filter deodorant filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter. In the design can achieve excellent purification efficiency and long service life, can filter out suspended particles. Multi-layer integrated filter can achieve multi-functional all-round protection. Ultrafine filter can effectively filter small particles as small as 20 nanometers (100 times smaller than the upper limit of PM2.5), which includes some common bacteria and viruses that effectively filter allergens.


3. Ionizer


Negative ions can make the usual positive charge of indoor dust, smoke, viruses, bacteria gather each other, lost the ability to float freely in the air, so as to purify the air. 10 million / cm3 high concentration of negative ions so you do not need to travel to the forest air home
Negative ions release beneficial to human health small particle size negative ions, negative ions can not only efficiently dust, sterilization, clean air. Negative ions can also contribute to the synthesis and storage of vitamins, strengthen and activate the body's physiological activities, so it is also known as "air vitamins." 10 million / cm3 high concentration of negative ions to your body to add plenty of "vitamins".

4. Filter change indicator
According to the use of time to replace the filter reminder, set the time for 1500 hours.
When the machine runs to the set time, the indicator light on the panel will light up, prompting the user to replace the filter. At this point the button reset function to take effect, touch the button to reset the timer and re-open the timing. (Press this key for 3 seconds to reset the time and clear it.)

5. Four purification mode + four gear speed purification
1). Manual, automatic, speed, night four purification mode
Automatic mode According to the indoor air quality, the purifier will randomly adjust the wind speed, manual can be anywhere in the wind speed range, the night is the lowest wind speed, on the contrary, the speed is the highest wind speed. In fact, the correct way to use the purifier is to open the maximum wind speed after 20 minutes, adjusted to night mode. In front of the indoor air purification is excellent, the back is to maintain a good state.
2). A file, second gear, third gear, mute four purification wind speed
Four wind speeds are available for adjustment, such as natural winds. Three winds violent, second gear wind mild, a gentle wind, quiet quiet wind. All the class wind as you need.


6. Triple protection child lock + open cover power + tilt power


7. WIFI function
Remote control, convenience without limit.image013(001).jpg Go to get off work and on the way out, but also remote control of home air purifier, to the family and the baby fresh air and gentle care; from the open health lifestyle, so full of fresh air to meet your home pace.

One-click phone application that prompts indoor air quality at any time.
● Automatic reminder function, according to the outdoor pollution index prompts you to adjust the purification index;
● Personalized air purification mode a key to start for the family to bring a clean breathing environment;
● Green represents excellent air quality, fresh air;
● Blue represents the air quality in general, the indoor air needs to be purified;
● Yellow on behalf of the air quality of moderate pollution, it is recommended
to close the doors and windows, open the purification model;
● Red on behalf of the air quality serious pollution, it is recommended to close the doors and windows, open the powerful purification mode.


8. Sleep mode
Automatically reduce the fan speed, reduce the noise level,
comfortable mute, healthy sleep.



9. pm1.0 particle sensor

Using Japan imported Shenrong pm1.0 dust sensor, high sensitiv unique algorithm to measure the indoor air suspended particulate matter concentration.
1. Response time 10 seconds
2. Power on 60 seconds to stabilize the work
3. Real-time monitoring, accurate and stable data
4. The monitoring particle size range is 0.3 μm to 10 μm 5.PM1.0 effective range: 0 ~ 1000 μg / m3


10. Light indicator


11. Duct, Fan and motor design


12. 360°Caster
The caster design is free to move to each room
Living room, bedroom, study, kitchen can be free to move, worry and effort not to hurt the floor.


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