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Hydrogen Water Maker Cheaper Wholesale, with 2L Big Capacity Hydrogen Water Pitcher
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: OLS-H6

  • Volume: 2L

  • Cover: with Cover

  • Color: Black or Blue

  • Transport Package: One Piece in a Box, 12PCS for One Carton

  • Origin: Mainland of China

  • Application (For Kettle): Water Kettle

  • Material: Glass

  • Surface: Not Coated

  • Trademark: HiH2 (accept OEM)

  • Specification: Net weight: 1.14kg Size: 220*165*336mm

Product Description

             Rich-Hydrogen water machine

(Large stock )

        2L Big capacity water pitcher Hydrogen water generator/maker
-------------New invention to provide strong antioxidant hydrogen rich water -------------


Product Description :


Product nameIonic Hydrogen water Pitcher
Net weight1.14KG
Rated Voltage110-220V
Rated frequency50HZ
Electrolysis power15W
MaterialPlatinum electrolysis, glass
ColorBlack (hot seeling color)

Hydrogen Qt.>800PPB
Package size220*165*336mm

Drop shape, scientific design
To care your feeling !

 1. Anti-aging (hydrogen water can prevent oxidant effect from free radicals )
 3.Lose weight 
 5.Easy absorbing
 6. Lower blood pressure
 7.Lower blood sugar
 9. Help care chronic diseases
10.Improve the internal environment
11.Adjust blood viscosity
12.Break down alcohol
13.Cancer prevention
14.Prevent some disease
 15.Beauty skin care
Free radicals can damage human cells.
Hydrogen is the best anti-oxidants, which can resist free radicals.
Drinking more hydrogen water ,make you life more healthier

How to use
Firstly, poured into drinking water, then plug in the power plug.
Tips: To your health, not to load raw water, use mineral water will be better.
 There are four function key in show board
1. Intelligent cleaning function: Press the smart key to clean, green and blue lights flashing. Intelligent automatic shutdown after cleaning is complete.
2. Constant temperature heating: thermostatic heating key press, the display shows the current temperature of the water in real time. Start automatic smart thermostats to 35 degrees plus or minus 5 degrees, no operation, automatic shutdown after thermostat for 4 hours
3. Ion enriched oxygen functions: Touch the "ion-enriched" key, the system enters the anion state. If Touch again this key. Anion state system exit.
4. Hydrogen-rich magnetic functions: Touch "hydrogen-rich magnetic" key, the system enters a low degree of hydrogen-rich water of water status, touch again "Hydrogen-rich magnetic" key, the system enters the middle degree of making hydrogen water,then touch again magnetized "key will enter the rich Hydrogen water depth the state of water, hydrogen-rich touch again if magnetized "button, the system stops hydrogen-rich water of water status.
5. Note: In the absence of water jug, do not operate any power-function keys, in the course of their work, Do not insert metal objects such as metal chopsticks into the jar.

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