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Portable Rich Hydrogen Water Maker China OEM Factory
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Basic Info

Model NO.: OLS- A

Certification: ROHS, REACH

Trademark: OEM

Origin: Guangdong

Product Description

olansi new model of PEM/SEP series hydrogen water bottle is a new designed device which can generate rich hydrogen water for drinking and at the same time  can be docked to bottle water to produce rich hydrogen water with at least 1200ppb rich hydrogen water in 3 minutes.  This multi function portable hydrogen water maker can be widely used in the outdoor gym activities and you can drink free rich hydrogen water anytime and also is easy to carry.



Feature of olansi PEM/SEP  series bottle type hydrgen water maker: 

1.     Fast time of making rich hydrogen water: Just press the button, you will get high concentration hydrogen water in 3 minutes.

2.     Design of portable, light in weight, easy-for-operation and fashionable design for olansi bottle type hydrogen water generator with PEM/SEP technique.

3.     Rich hydrogen water is produced by advanced electrolysis technology with longer lifetime.

4.     Our product of PEM/SEP series hydrogen water bottle can be docked with bottle water and you can get free rich hydrogen water anytime. 

5.     Olansi product of PEM/SEP series bottle type hydrogen water maker is transforming regular water into hydrogen rich water for daily usage, suggest drinking 7 cups of hydrogen water to keep healthy each day.

6.     With new technology of SPE( Solid poly electrolytic ) and electrolysis plate has PEM ( proton exchange membrane) so our product of hydrogen water bottle can produce pure and safe hydrogen rich water , without by products such as OZONE, CHLORINE and other oxides.

7.     Large battery capacity of 1000ma which can be used for long time of 9-12 hours.

8.     Water bottle capacity is 500ml which can provide you fresh rich hydrogen water for you to keep healthy and maintain beauty.

9. With function of auto cleaning for the bottle type hydrogen water maker. 

Struction for the Viofocon PEM/SPE series rich hydrogen water bottle: