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Rechargeable Water Bottle with Hydrogen and Power Bank, Anti-Aging, Boost Immunity
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Basic Info

Model NO.: EHM-H6

Color: Transparent

Feature: Recyclable

Application: Personal Care, Gift

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Trademark: EHM

Transport Package: Gift Box

Specification: 51.5cm*44.3cm*31.3cm

Origin: China

Product Description



Net Weight250g
SizeΦ66±1mm, Height 190±3mm
Lid/Base MaterialFood-grade ABS
Flask body MaterialAS
Electrodes MaterialTitanium with Platinum Coating
Purification MaterialN/A
MembraneLatest-designed Hydrogen-Rich Ion Membrane
ORP -300mV ~ -600mV
Water Temperature2~40oC
Hydrogen Concentration600~1200ppb
BatteryDC3.7V/1200mAh Polymer Lithium Ion Battery
Working Period4minutes / 6 minutes
Working Time10~20 Times
(Depending on water quality and working period)
Charging Time    2.5 Hours

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest antioxidant.

Due to the free electrons and reactive nature of both atomic and molecular forms of hydrogen, it is considered one of the strongest antioxidants with a high reduction potential. Due to its small size, it also penetrates easily through cell membranes, to rejuvenate and repair our cells damaged by harmful Free Radicals.

Antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cells through chemical combination with free radicals. As it is known to all, Oxidation damage is caused by harmful free radicals. It is one of the main causes of diseases. And hydrogen is one of the best anti-oxidants that selectively eliminates harmful free radicals because of its applicable reducibility. It is hundreds of times more effective than anti-oxidants like Vitamin C. The advantage of Hydrogen is No side-effects. It can be used or consumed without limitations or restrictions. Hydrogen is an inner gas that scientists found the bacterium in our large intestine would produce hydrogen by fermentation.

How did the Free Radicals come?
Our daily unhealthy diet, stress, environmental pollution and other negative issues, can cause excessive absorption and production of free radicals, and make the body hoarding large amounts of free radicals, until out of control.

What is the harm of the Free Radicals?
The free radicals in our bodies have very strong oxidizing capabilities. They will cause the harmful Oxidative Stress and the sub-health state. Many research findings revealed that oxidative stress may induce cell apoptosis. The free radicals will attack and damage the cells in our organs to cause and accelerate various diseases and aging.

How is the Hydrogen-rich water working as an antioxidant?

The free radicals which are outside of the cells can be removed by the polyphenol, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
While the free radicals inside of the cells only could be removed by the hydrogen-rich water. The hydrogen-rich water can penetrate into the cell freely, because of its smaller size. That's why our body needs hydrogen-rich water.
Our Hydrogen Water Flask is designed to produce plenty of Hydrogen in only a few minutes. During the electrolysis process, hydrogen and oxygen are separated and only hydrogen is allowed to pass through the water, enabling the dissolved hydrogen and electron concentration to be maximized.