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The correct use of air purifiers
- May 16, 2018 -

Correct use of air purifiers requires learning to start using them in accordance with environmental pollution. If indoor air is better, then there is no need to start air purifiers. If the indoor and outdoor environments are relatively poor, it is necessary to use a purifier. It is also important to note that the purifier works better with a humidifier in summer and winter. Correct use of air purifiers must also be done in a timely manner to replace the filter cleaning work, according to the filter indicator on the purifier to determine the degree of pollution of the filter, and timely replacement of the filter is the right approach. Correct use of the purifier, but also do a good job of timely maintenance and cleaning, if prompted to dust is full, then we must promptly replace the dust collector plate cleaning, to ensure the effectiveness of air purification.

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