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Home Water Purifier Maintenance Plan
- May 16, 2018 -

One: Do not move freely after installation.
Two: After the installation, it needs more cleaning.
Before using a domestic water purifier, users should be able to open the faucet first, clean it for ten minutes, use the TDS pen to check the water quality and use it. After a period of time, if the effluent quality of the water purifier starts to become cloudy, it is necessary to disable the water purifier. The machine then turns on the domestic water purifier filter case. At this time, the filter element in the filter case will be dirty. After cleaning it with clean water, it will be installed. Then the machine will be turned on. The benefit of this is that it can guarantee the domestic water purification. The device produces healthy water, prolongs the use of the product, and prolongs the service life of the internal filter element and the permeable membrane.
Three: The filter cartridge and the permeable membrane have different service lives and should be replaced frequently.
Four: Do not deliberately change the machine.
The daily water purifier of the household water purifier has a direct relationship with the pressure tank that is configured. The water stored in the pressure tank is used to purify the water. During the use of the product, care must be taken not to overdo it. The water purifier can only produce water. Satisfy drinking and partial home. Do not deliberately change the machine because you feel that the amount of water produced is too small.
Five: Remember not to use the device when not in use.
Sixth: Do a yearly inspection every year.

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