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Household Water Purifier Installation Method
- May 16, 2018 -

Check whether the accessories are complete, connect the host to the filter element, install the RO membrane with a suitable spanner, and screw the connectors and filter bottles into place. Install the faucet in the appropriate position on the sink. Put the gasket into the spindle of the faucet and place the faucet in the sink. Punched and fixed. Fix the faucet, then connect the 2 points water pipe to the faucet, cut the appropriate water pipes to connect the raw water, pure water, pressure tank and waste pipe respectively, close the inlet valve, and fill the water three-way and 2 points. Install the ball valve, connect the host to the pressure tank, connect the host to the water inlet, cut the appropriate length of pipe connection and waste water outlet, connect the other end to the sewer, and then fix the waste pipe with a tie. Straighten out the connected pipes and tie them up with a tie. Place the pressure tanks and the host well. Plug in the water management and plug in the power supply to turn on the water, clean the site, clean the sink, and tidy up the site.

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