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New Designed freestanding Smoke Ionic Ionizer Fresh Air Cleaner in car
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Product Information

Model NO.: OLS-K05B

Power Source: USB,cigerrete port,adaptor

Operating Principle: Actively absorb air in

Purifying Technology: ionizer

Anion Density: 5000000pcs/m3

Item Name: Electrostatic Fashion Multi-Functional Smart 5 V C

Keywords: Car Air Purifier/Cleaner

Material of Body: Plastic

Ultraviolet Rays Power: 2.5W

Sound: 25~40dB

Product Description

New designed Square Red Smoke Ionic Ionizer Fresh Air Cleaner

1.Material:plastic ABS
3.Certifications:CE & ROHS
4.Function:Fresh in car air

Company Introduction

OLANSI HEALTHCARE CO.,LTD . is located in Guangzhou,China. olansi was founded in 2009, which is engaged in manufacturing different kinds of air purifier, water purifier, hydrogen water makers,and beauty care items.